27 September 2018 / Track review

Dargaville- Sandy Haven

Dirt had magically appeared on top of the sandstone. The jumps were very safe and a whole new technical section had appeared that somehow helped the track to flow. Even a healthy dose of rain on the day of the...

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12 June 2018 / Track review

Auckland Track Review

Waitoki School boxes way above its weight for producing good dirt bike riders. You could probably point out five different tracks on one short stretch of road. This month we used the closest one to Waitoki itself, and were absolutely...

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2 February 2018 / Broxy Coaching, Track review

Taupo Track Review

Taupo could well be called the hub of motocross in the North Island. This month it also shared its magic with a bunch of south islanders who used it in between some big events, helping them with jumping confidence, ruts...

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4 October 2017 / Track review

North Harbour Standouts

There were enough standout moments at our recent North Harbour training that they deserve an article of their own. As is often the case, I had to earn the respect of the first group. For example not a soul was...

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