3 February 2019 / Broxy Camps

Christchurch Bootcamp–Feedback


The Gold Nuggets is one of New Zealand’s most iconic motocross events. Like the actual gold nuggets that are found in every trophy that they give after the racing, I gleaned some great feedback from some of the riders who had also done our Christchurch Bootcamp last year, held on the foothills of Mount Hutt.

Repetition Paying Off

The Corson family, who’s farm our Bootcamp was on, are certainly a great testament to how regular coaching and camps can help. People who hadn’t seen the boys ride lately were apparently blown away by their improvement.

Their times were actually right up there to potentially put them on the top of the podium, it was only their starts that let them down. Still, third place for Luke in his class and 5th for Cody in MX2 is nothing to sneeze at- and now we know to try some different things to help those starts!

The Low Down

I will let the words of another student tell you how he got on with the race after our camp.

…. it was the most enjoyable day at the nuggets I’ve ever had!! They have a long sawdust/sand section and I really did slay that… it was a spectacular sensation, head low and over the bars bum right back, keep low and carried a lot more speed into it than I ever have…. I wasn’t shattered or demoralised by the end of the section and more often than not


I had passed whoever I was chasing. Did a lot of chasing cause my starts were disgraceful ?…. worked hard on that corner technique (pressure on outside peg) got it about 70% of the time… only towards end of race I’d get slack… that works unbelievably well… way more relaxed on the jumps….Actually mate, I just cannot believe how much I got out of your training, it’s quite exceptional. I really enjoyed my day so thank you mate, you’ve made a real difference to my escape activity!


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