2 August 2018 / Broxy Camps, Track review

Christchurch Bootcamp- Track review

There is nothing quite like freshly turned top soil on rolling hills, nor can you beat great hosts and a cosy cottage. Just an hour from Christchurch is the secluded paradise that we made home for another successful Christchurch Bootcamp, with more than just a motocross track to play on.

You could call the Corson boys spoilt for choice, but they certainly don’t take it for granted. Evidence of their extensive exploration efforts cover every available bit of grass and under the forest canopy itself. One area in particular was worth revisiting to kick off day two.

The plantation of something like Fir trees helped keep the stony surface grippy for our tribute to the Romaniacs event that was happening at the time. With very low speeds, riders could test and grow their ability as they wished, especially with games like follow the leader. I felt like I really helped with one demonstration in particular, showing them how standing extra low to the bike through a sharp ditch helped set me up for the slippery bank that followed, using control and gentle power to get me up rather than just hoping for the best.

Most of our time was spent on the motocross track, one that shaped up dreamily with lines right through most corners. Getting them formed that nicely did suck their energy, so I tried to balance this with some freeriding on a grassy ridge to work on their jumping skills. So much goodness to choose from.

“Starling House” had a fire going to welcome us during the first day and our night there, with good food and great company. The “Room with a view” even has a sense of history about it, although you only go there to do your business of course.

With a massive 11 riders there was always competition, the type that helped people like Kane and Jamie. Having someone to push you is the best scenario, especially when coach is watching on to make sure you are riding the best that you can. We finished up with some fast lap times at the end, an effort that really finished them off physically but also locked in our skills. Lying on the grass never felt so good, especially with the satisfaction of knowing you have improved so much. The views don’t exactly hurt either.

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