23 July 2019 / Broxy Camps

Christchurch Enduro/ XC Camp

These boys love their Enduro, and it shows. All six were extremely capable for their age in almost any terrain, my job was to bring them to the next level of speed and style.

I relished the chance to get fussy on their technique, almost to the point of being mean. We had two days to smash bad habits and create better ones, time that I wanted to make the absolute most of.

Good Peer Pressure

Having a group of like minded riders meant that I could point out the good habits that each rider had as an example to the others, basically lifting the game for all the others. Below are some examples.

Cody has obviously been working on standing low to the bike, to the point where he is springy enough to make the most of bumps and jumps rather than being thrown around by them.

Ethan was a great example of trials type skills, lifting or pushing on the footpegs of his bike for maximum grip over tree roots. He was also a good example of loading his front suspension in order to keep the front from dropping over larger obstacles. His example helped me force the others to drop their front wheel earlier than they wanted to onto a bump or log, giving them a much better pop.

Flipping Good

Luke quickly mastered getting the rear wheel back on the ground in between a pair of logs that were set a bike length apart from each other, a skill that requires plenty of guts and a forward body position despite the fact that the start of the movement feels like you are doing a backflip.

Shey became the example of gripping the bike with his knees, which is a huge turnaround for him. Archer was quite obviously inspired by the whole thing and has been busy building tracks for most of these school holidays. Joshua showed the kind of commitment required to make it in this sport, proving that persistence pays off with a huge effort through one section in particular that saw him get through a deep rut that led straight into a steep off camber uphill.

Stretching The Throttle Cable

My favorite part was setting up a Cross Country section that saw them getting through the puddle, over the banks, around the tree and to the other end of the bumpy paddock in the fastest time possible. Some people would have cringed to hear how hard they were powering, but I knew it was the aggression that they needed to make a pass.

All of this was topped off by a mission to the rocky heights above their motocross track, followed by a pair of sprint sessions that forced the speed into them. Even these fit young bucks were looking a little bit puffed after that big effort, the perfect preparation for racing the final round of NZ Enduro Nats that following weekend.

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