26 March 2019 / Track review

Christchurch Tracks and Talent

I noticed a portrait of Daniel Carter decorating the wall of what was otherwise just a regular small town dairy. This was obviously the area that the famous All Black had grown up in, so I was hoping his success would rub off on the young students I was coaching just down the road.

Southbridge Track

Later I was talking to the farmer who owns the land and I discovered more reasons for success. Before he ever held an event there he went around all his neighbours and was completely honest about what he was proposing to do. He also decided to donate a large part of the proceeds towards local needs, for example the boat launch ramp that grants access to fun times on the ocean and river just five minutes down the road. Basically everyone wins.

All of this is good, but the track itself is the real draw card. Making the most of natural undulations, the only man-made objects are the odd tabletop. Most of the berms were formed by motorcycle wheels pushing dirt outwards, keeping them small, safe and well formed. Inside line options also abound, as do some excellent flat corners, both of which made for


excellent coaching options.

The Talent

After making some real inroads on how the Corson boys launch off the starting gates, the rest of our time was mainly helping others with their corner speed and late braking. The safe and wide track also meant we could help some non racers with their skills, paving the way for plenty more riders to do the same in the near future.

I am especially hopeful that at least two of the riders I coached will become the next motocross versions of Dan Carter. There is some real talent here, and with great support from their parents, on a good track, I can definitely see more potential world beaters in the near future.

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