27 January 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Christmas Camp

Ten kids sliding down a mountain on their bottoms might be nothing unusual over the New Year period in the Northern Hemisphere, but here in NZ we were sliding on bare dirt rather than snow. This is the Broxy Christmas Camp, where having fun comes first.

This was a time to get together with a bunch of kids your age, riding your bikes under the experienced watch of Scott Barr-Smith and I. Every now and then one of us would stop a rider for some special one on one time and to begin the second day we split the riders into two groups for some work en-masse. Most of the time however, you rode whatever track you wanted, when you wanted. Which each did to their fullest.

The Crowd.

The Crowd.

The Festivities Continue

After the dinner supplied by our new camp mum Liz Milsom, riding bikes was prohibited; but that didn’t mean the fun had to stop. The massive pile of loose dirt we call the Sandbox was calling. Having never fully grown up I led the way on many silly endeavors that would have made a penguin proud while the more mature parents looked on bemusedly and slightly concerned. There was plenty of bumps and bruises to be had but that was just a part of the fun and we left the hill happy, healthy and covered in dirt.

My sorest moment came while having a mini bike race against Dylan Ryan. We came together and went down in a massive heap with the camera rolling which was definitely not a part of the plan. We just had to laugh it off and continue with the festivities.

More Fun

More Fun

Most Improved

There were many noticeable improvements in rider skill along the way, with Jessie and Liam Wolf leading the way. Not only did we get them both onto the CRF150RB, by the end of day two they were relishing it while displaying the brilliant riding style they had learned through some important tweaks. It will no doubt be a camp that they remember for a long time, and I got a great buzz from being a part of that progress.

Our greatest thanks goes to the Pirinis for the most generous use of their farm once again!

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