29 June 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Close Call, Whangarei

My faith was seriously being tested as all forecasts spoke of severe rain for our much anticipated coaching day with the Whangarei club. Crawling our way through Friday afternoon Auckland traffic I must admit to questioning my decision to trust that all would be ok. It was only the knowledge of so many close calls that worked out fine in the weeks leading up to it that kept me going.

DSC_0237The Players

After a hugely successful day training close to thirty mini riders early in the year, this day was a little different in that the afternoon had adults on the roll. You could be mistaken for thinking that this was just another day for BRC, except that this was the realisation of many years of waiting to do a session with the adults from this club, hence the added nerves.

DSC_0219Saturday sports took a few of the younger riders out of our morning session but having our groups this way around was definitely meant to be. The kids had it good, using all of the best sections of this fun track in conditions that couldn’t be better. We even got to help them with their ruts,using front brake, excess entry speed and careful throttle to give them that buzz.


DSC_0230The Game

So far the rain had miraculously held off but I was anxious to start the adults.

Knowing they had plenty of knowledge I got stuck into the exaggerations required from their knees, hips and arms while standing. It seemed that each of them came away from that with something a little different. Next was cornering, and I was going to take no short cuts.

Choosing an awesome berm out the back, Logan and I did our demonstrations and then watched on. The results of sitting positions and tactics with the inside leg made good progress once again. I remember thinking that even if we have to end it here then I am happy with what we have achieved.

By then the rain had begun butDSC_0202 we actually got nearly two more sessions in before calling it a day. The rut got hammered even more and starts were our big finale, still they trooped on. I couldn’t believe that we had actually made it, and to see the devastation on the news that the rest of the country suffered that day made our blessings even more obvious. It was a tired but happy trip home.



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