28 September 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Close Calls

Mercer Training Day

I wanted to leave these riders in no doubt. According to my instructions they were all parked on what was their usual race line, an inside route that may have protected them from a pass but were holding back their corner speed badly the rest of the time.

Using the good traction I zoomed around the outside and carried so much speed down the next straight that I was on the verge of panic trying to stop for the next corner- an antic which proved to both cement the lesson and gave a bit of entertainment for the dads to enjoy. We were at the Mercer training day organized by the Pukekohe MCC which kicked off a great month within a 100km radius of the Bombay Hills.

Changing Light

Great Discoveries

Not all was sunshine and roses to begin with though. Bad weather saw some stressful moments trying to help Carter Hanes at the Whatawhata track, which combined with a bike problem to make the track unrideable for the plucky youngster.

I was about to give up when he mentioned his own track, which upon further investigation actually sounded like it had potential so we packed up and headed to his home where a pumice surface held a couple of berms, straights and a small table top, exactly what we needed to make a good session out of what had been looking like a wasted morning and hopefully enough to keep Carter on the rise.

Loving the 2013

On the Brink

It was also a squeeze for our Patetonga coaching, one that had already been pushed out by a week with definitely no room to postpone again. Jared and Sandra were up first in what began as a speedway session and finished in near full control, Sandra holding on to the edge of craziness that is exactly what every rider needs.

It only got better from there, with Dylan Ryan. Getting to the point where he could get tipped right into a grippy rut, and overcoming a fear of the table top so incredibly well,  I was both as nervous and as proud as any MX mother might be to see their kid charging full speed at something so decent only to look like a pro. Great job.

While Andrew, Nathan and Molly finished that day off nicely, there turned out to be even more that were keen for the Thursday, where we got Daniel Rust sussed and the Shutes boys worked to the point where Jono got kicked off the mini’s track the following weekend for being too fast! 

Scraping The Forks

Talent Farm

To the other side of the big apple I went, falling on more crunchy goodness like my Wairoa coaching mentioned in this newsletter. It was Ken Fells after a wet weekends racing, now dried to the point of perfection for Peter Gawn, Hunter Cole and Liam Otto.

While the first overcame his strong aversion to ruts aboard his KDX250, Hunter and Liam overlapped their one on one sessions with some fast cornering while I worked on their standing separately which made their mums and I much happier with their jumping.

Finishing off with our coaching circle was Woodhill, on a Saturday no less. Apart from the odd rouge XR warrior that raced into our loop there were no problems with the other enthusiasts enjoying their local trails, while I worked with Dylan Primrose for the first time since his 85 days, combined with Tangi who really came on in the last hour, nailing some tricky hills and skills to look right in his element.

Consecutive Numbers, Complete Strangers

In the Woods

The last close call came when my man Brad Wykes was ready for his session but the other two were looking to be a no show. I had just started with Brad when one of Tangi’s friends very politely asked if he could join in. I agreed to take him on and straight away Sam was into the action.

You could say there was a difference between his 125 and Brad’s 450 but it didn’t seem to matter much out on the tracks, even in fourteenth gear!

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be back up that way until mid december, so if that guts you then make some noise and you never know, we often buckle to peer pressure. 

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