22 July 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Close to Home

There is no place like home. Four days with four riders each, three of those days being a Bootcamp. Two nights in the bunks, with one helper and a bunch of good results.

Lazer Fast

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As is often the case, the first set of brothers had the younger as the most aggressive. While Brady used his YZ85 to great effect, young Jordan held his bike wide open. It is exciting to watch, but a little extra training is required to make sure that speed is well directed.

July news 14 (39)After nearly going over the bars more than once, we worked on the late power and body movements that will help avoid this scary situation, among other things. This was followed by Rickie and Rhys, both of whom were also on 65cc machines, where the crucial skills were brought to remembrance and some extra speed work put into action.

Fast Feedback

Our training must have worked for at least one rider, as the following text was to tell “Thanks to the Broxy training mate, it works a treat. Awesome day at Awakaponga, number were down in Rickies class, but came away with three wins. But best part was he was 14 seconds faster than he has ever been before around the main track.”

July news 14 (32)Bootcamp time, with three adults in the form of Jay, Jayne and Keri, along with 8 year old Ethan aboard his 65. For the camp I had the help of Evan Hawkless who has been gaining confidence and speed at a rapid rate of late. Along with his mate Tyler they did the demos and took the photos.

Spreading the Love

Day one was all about skills work, mixed with bursts of pure speed to blow out the cobwebs. It was not all sand and rooster tails though, as day two was spent at my track where technical skill was pushed to its limit. We were joined by Michael and Jared of Auckland, the latter using the grass circuit that Ethan had been on to help his confidence, while Michael joined the others on the jumps and bumps and ruts.

July news 14 (38)For Jay and Jayne it was competitiveness that helped them reach new heights by the end of the third day, using our laptimers to knock massive chunks off their previous records, despite the sore bodies that come from riding many days in a row. Even a non-racer like Keri caught the competitive bug and will no doubt be back.

My biggest buzz came from watching my daughter do countless laps aboard a borrowed PW50, who is showing the signs of being quite the bike rider herself. Of course that opinion could be a bit biased, but I’m allowed to be. Right? July news 14 (34)

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