30 August 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Closer to home

Having stayed in line well enough on our south island trip Josh was allowed to stay on board for another 10 days, this time in the Broxy abode, Pete and Sarah’s house that is.

First up was good old Tokoroa which is always a great place to start. Getting his brand new 2010 CRF250R practice bike thanks to Botany Honda would have to be good for Broxy too- if he had time to ride it!

Stepping up

Brodie is a bright little spark, he was the first session and showed loads of attention as we squeezed through some fairly big changes which he took to the Mighty Manawatu the following weekend with some devastating results. Ashley and Jordan were an interesting pair, the two lads fighting to get the grips on their jumping control but definitely the biggest group of the day was the crew of men we had coached at Maddix recently who were back for round two with a few new recruits as well. Proving that the best results come when you are having fun these boys had plenty.

Pumice Utopia

We arrived at Taupo to find nearly a national type set up with a groomed track and the Suzuki truck fully decked out in her best outfit with Dirtrider Downunder and many more also in attendance. It was a media day for the team in Yellow but they were kind enough to let us do our thing so a big thank you to them. Shelby got her first taste of this moto mecca with Broxy helping along the way before Dan and Ashton joined us for their second session is almost as many weeks. We were definitely spoilt for choice on things available to work on, the biggest challenge being the set of rollers out next to the mini track, decievingly tricky.

This time Broxy did get a go on his new toy, letting loose with his first proper training moto in a long time, blowing out loads of cobwebs.

Let the power do it boys!

Let the power do it boys!

Patetonga Players

Hauraki Plains College reached the day they had been working towards for weeks, saving and selling raffle tickets to help earn this day of a different type of schooling. Certainly no easier than their normal study these riders definitely earned their lunch! After doing a mass session on starts using the nationals standard gates set up the riders were split into three groups who recieved an hour each with Broxy while getting time to practice in the other two. Any teacher would have been astounded at their obedience and attention span, I bet they wish it were always like this for them!

Chopsticks to the rescue

After a day off seeing as Whakatane dawned too wet for their coaching day the BRC team was back at Patetonga for round two, this time with Mark, Bradley and Brendon. While Mark soldiered on through his session learning what to work on the hard way it was easier for the two B’s especially after the chopsticks came out for those grips. While half of the track was dry enough it was the bogs that threw up a big challenge- not the biggest though, that came in learning how to ride again with some big changes made for both parties on how to dig deep on corners to get that turn done quick and early.

Learning the easy way

At the end of the week Josh headed south with the Wiltshire family which made for a quiet house, Chloe sure to miss having no one to pick on. It certainly was nice to be home every evening and good to see the scene alive and well in the BOP/ Waikato area.

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