30 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Closer to home

Being based from Tauranga every night for three weeks made for a nice change but there was no shortage of things to be done. This week we had three tracks within a short distance to coach at, starting with a PW80 and a 65 at my track. With Sean arriving early on his little blue machine we got into the skills and had a decent base down by the time Zac could make it. In this case the un matched bikes performed well as a pair and while the smaller bikes suspension took something of a beating there was no holding back these keen kids.

Last minute Prep

Come 11.30am saw Richard Hutchinson and Craig Barrett for their turn. These two can move and while they class themselves as more offroad than MX riders they really took it to my track aboard their nice and quiet Enduro type machines. The best bit for me came at the end as we all practiced our shotgun starts. “Hutch” found being on the right hand side to be a good tip for his starts when hanging on to the rear guard and used it to devastating effect at the 4 hour that weekend where he could be seen right near the front on the video and pictures with good mate “Dozer” leading the way.

Leatt 4 hour start

Leatt 4 hour start

Later that month we also had Finn Lloyd have his turn which I made a hash of to start with after letting the cows loose and then sending him down a hill he wasn’t ready for. However it worked out unbelievably well by the end with his confidence and skills blowing both me and his Dad away, charging up and down that hill with a big grin replacing the grimace on his face.

Storm Brewing

Now Taupo was meant to be on the following day however a big storm hit as predicted and the session needing to be moved a day forward. Unfortunately Saxon, Xavier and the intrepid duo had already made their way too far to turn back by the time we had gotten in touch so they carried on to check out my track for the day instead! The rain came down in buckets but that didn’t stop a very keen pair of boys from having a go, Xavier showing his extra confidence aboard the smaller wheels now on his YZ85 by riding for about 90 minutes straight!

That afternoon Brodie hit the Taupo track where we worked on lines and scrubs to get some serious time out of his laps, proven by a message they gave me after their next race there by beating his previous best lap time by over 3 seconds- what more could you say?!!

Brodie Shining

Brodie Shining

Shelby Van Beek was able to make the rescheduled date at Taupo where we proceeded to edge out any lack of confidence on the daunting track. Being able to case the step up safely gave her a great boost.


Another great bit of feedback came after my first session on the Saturday at Y-Wari Park. “Thanks for the coaching for Ethan on Saturday. He enjoyed it and thought is was helpful – it was ‘mean as’ which is right up there. We will be back for more.” Three more riders had their turn to carve the nice sand while learning a thing or two and wile I will stop the detail apart from to say that we are making efforts in the hope to use the actual Summer X track next time so keep an eye out for that!

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