3 April 2012 / Broxy Coaching


With recent successes from local motocross riders, the Tauranga MCC has every right to add up the tally of trophy names it has produced. More recently Logan Blackburn made his mark in the Senior 125cc champs finishing 3rd in what was an impressive season.
But it is the club’s interesting history and array of avenues that makes them the impressively grounded organisation that it is.


If you had a bike, you rode it everywhere. If there was a race in Papamoa, you were there. If it was on a farm or the beach, it didn’t matter. You certainly didn’t change your tyres from a mid-soft to a mid-hard. You just rode. The Tauranga MCC hosted events all over the place, whether it be on the road or through the back blocks, and the people came.
Although most people rode for fun, things became a bit more serious when helmets became compulsory, but this didn’t deter the numbers and the club continued to grow.
Now centrally focussed in Ohauiti, at the well known Maddix Park, the club is home to trail rides, motocross and mini tracks. They still race out and about for maize day fun although the casual helmet-less road racing of the passed will forever be a memory. 

Man in Charge

Being a club president is not an easy job, certainly no walk in the park but Craig Jeffrey, with the support of his wife Rachael have made this a family affair, with the goal of keeping this club at full strength.

Nicki Blake
Bronwyn Atkinson
Roscoe Fraser-Brown
Warwick Merriman
Bruce Cameron
Shelley Dean
Skip Fisher
Keith Saville
Phil Emett
Paul McLeod
Nigel Shilton

News flash

From Facebook: The club just got a letter signed by the council…yahoo …TECT Park is one step closer. Will keep you all update as we progress. The Club Will start development soon…stay tuned.

Find them at…..

Website:  http://www.taurangamcc.co.nz/
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/231839036833058/

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