26 March 2019 / Rider Profile

Coach Profile- Leon Jobe

I used to wonder where I could get good dirt bike coaches from. As the years have proved, it is best to grow them. Leon Jobe is an example of that, another switched on student who has taken on the skills we showed him over the years, and who has grown into the best kind of coach.


Leon’s family is an avid supporter of Greg Power and his Honda Kids Camps and I remember the Honda shop that his father used to own many moons ago. As it turns out, it is more than just the desire and ability to ride dirt bikes that runs in the blood. A friendly manner and good management skills also seem to be genetic.

How did Leon come to be my wing man at the Honda Kids Camps? Well, one day he just offered to help. He did it for nothing, perhaps hoping to learn something in the process. It must have been a good experience for him as he ended up helping me with every session I had. Before long there was money involved, and I have come to really value his input.

Standing Tall

My contribution began with a few tips for his own riding while we coached others. He took my advice, changing some pretty extreme stuff. Then he would point out things that riders needed changing, quickly learning the difference between things that I had neglected to see and those things that I was just working my way towards teaching. Before long I could trust him to address the group himself, which is what becoming a coach is really all about.

These April school holidays Leon will be one of my two main coaches, running up to 20 kids at Awhitu. It will be a good test, but also very satisfying as he inevitably becomes a role model to riders younger than him, giving them even more than just good tips. It will be fun to see where it all ends up, and if he can pick up some local coaching work through it all then that is a win for everyone.

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