27 February 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Coaching in a Diamond

From Patetonga to Christchurch, Gisborne to Tauranga- while there was less of an emphasis on coaching while the nationals are on it, spending time with the young ones on the coaching track was definitely important and it is the feedback that will categorize this story where I will do my best to pass on what we heard back, forgive my memory where not word perfect but hopefully gets the message through…

Corner Speed!

To the orange soil of Patetonga we started with Leevi Roach. “Can’t wait for the next time you coach me here Broxy, I want you to teach me how to clear the big tabletop.” We certainly can! Next was Cole Dalley who’s Dad made the comment a few weeks later- “He did the Pukekohe Club day the following weekend and you would not believe the difference. He is now running second in the points.”

Christchurch worked in with the Timaru round of the nationals, a place we don’t normally coach but with it worked out for a Kurow rider named Remus and young up and comer Will Taylor, who’s Dads parting words after our session were “That was really good thanks, book us in for the Junior Nationals coaching!”

Tauranga was reserved for some intense one on one coaching with Kurt Langford, hammering ruts and sprint training. Even despite the punishment our feedback was that he really enjoyed the session and already booked for more.

The east coast was the only trip that required its own special travel, starting with Blair and Lochie who showed me how a possum monitor does it with Lochie showing loads of potential. After another night at the Morere Hot Springs I was blessed with another great time with some regular supporters including Saxon, Keegan, Reece and Christian along with two newbies to join in.

No doubt the biggest blessing was a very close call with the rain stopping just before our day was due to start, especially with pouring rain either side of us!  Xavier Dalziel hopped in the Broxy van for an extra two days hitting the tracks, after which Nan reported “Many thanks for the one on one support you gave him. I certainly could see the lift in confidence.”


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