1 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Coaching the Crew

Perfect farm weather with burst of both sun and rain, a small consolation after having nine bikes rip up some paddock into figure eights

Mike noticed how using his upper body in corners and getting his foot back on the peg early helped keep things under control

Sitting and standing was our first mission, slippery grass a great way to show up any problems with technique

I had to put on the coaches hat for the day and keep the hanging out as mates part until we were back in the pits. It worked!

After seeing a few riders land with bike and body sideways we spent the last session showing how to get it sideways and at least get their body pointing where they want to go for the landing

Joel had this skill down, next on the list was sitting forward and leaning back for turns to get him off the rear brake

Keenan showing he can get down on more than just the dance floor. He went from a strong but somewhat stiff style to adding some real movement as well

Once the helmets were off we got stuck into the food and carried on the good times. Looking forward to next time!







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