9 December 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Cranking the BOP

Moto 9 The Movie. This is Townleys place, not Pirinis or TECT, but introduces the segment. 


In case you hadn’t noticed already- Tauranga is booming. In the past it had been lacking in tracks; but that has changed. This month we look at the two main choices now on offer and just how condusive to coaching these venues have become.


This month we got to see the unveiling of Moto 9- featuring Ben Townley riding his private track, along with some time at our favorite Bootcamp location. He describes the trail at Pirinis as basically a 20km long motocross track, and it looks just as fun to ride as it really is. Expect to see plenty more overseas riders wanting to come play.

The motocross track is constantly improving, with the jumps receiving lots of love recently thanks to the likes of Keith Paterson. I coached Mac and Tom there this month, who live just down the road, along with Troy on his KTM85. They were able to practice all of their turns, jumps and hill skills on the motocross track alone, with plenty more options available if we had wanted.


This has been the baby of the Tauranga MCC for the last few years, and my coaching session with Carlos, Braden and Louis was a real eye opener as to how good this track has become. Countless hours have been spent on making it flow, and thanks to the new acquisition of a tractor, it is fast becoming one of those places that people really want to ride.

Like Pirinis, it is also very suited to coaching, with excellent loops we can use to work on all sorts of turns and jumps. They even have clubrooms now, making it a potential future location for camps as well, with only a short trip down to Mount Maunganui for whatever you might want to do down there.


Coaching in the Tauranga area is something we really want to build, so look out for discounts and deals on coaching in this flourishing city. Everything seems to be coming together, so make sure to enquire about coaching in Tauranga soon.

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