3 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Crazy April Here And There

Fake cyclones, World Champions and mental hillclimbs- outside of the multiple day trips that Broxy had this month were many extreme day trips.

Worth the wait! These are some lucky boys with their very own local track to rip up at will


Having our first date stormed out meant the reschedule had to happen and guess what- a cyclone was coming. We made our enquiries and sent the prayers, holding out on hope that our favourite terracotta track would stay dry, and dry it did stay! All four sessions went without hitch, each rider turning out and sent off with a helmet full of new tricks.


Where? Nestled on the North Island’s west coast somewhere south of Port Waikato is a moto haven where you can choose between seperate sand, moto or supercross tracks or just go free-ride. Through Botany Honda was a group of riders ranging from beginner to expert which Broxy dissected and turned into a days worth of fun learning. The farm ride was truly epic with massive sand dunes, hills and natural jumps to smash which Broxy vowed to return back to.

Since our last coaching session these boys had both doubled their skills- and size!


This was what Dylan Ryan had been waiting for, a concussion putting a hold on our original visit back to the track Broxy had given some direction designing. Having been sprayed, ripped and added to, Dylan’s new track is fun for all ages and great for a days coaching. The Kaimais were calling but Broxy was able to focus on the job of helping Dylan and his friends smoothen out the skills while cutting up the track.


Up behind Matata’s Awakaponga track is a venue Broxy has enjoyed using many times for both his race prep and coaching. This time it was just one rider on the track getting his lessons after a five year break from coaching while younger brother Darcy recieved a few little tips of his own aboard his JR50 while following a small loop in the parking area. Our business mentor was there to see how things are done and kept everyone amused with his ball skills and stories while Broxy did his thing.

The Taranaki crew carved it up on their secret track, with a three time world Champion included!

New Plymouth

Getting involved with the Vintage racing crew is always fun and this time Broxy made his way down to Taranaki to work with ex Honda Racing team mate Reg Daveys and his son Cody, both still avid red riders. Reg won the 50+ World Veterans Championships three times in a row racing the intermediate class but was still able to come away with some “different” skills, which is exactly what we were hoping for. They were joined by a sea of red bikes including the Red Rocket of “Crazy” Phil, Graeme’s Elsinore CR250 and Steve’s Maico.


The final big day held three sessions with the return of Rickie Harte and top mountain biker James “Dodsy” Dodds. The Phillips’ track was frosty and cold, but in great conditions for some very responsive students keeping Broxy on his toes.

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