4 May 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Cruising Canterbury

It really doesn’t matter whether you call it an Enduro Loop or extended MX track. There may not be a huge choice of tracks in Canterbury but when your council is willing to put this much effort into a riding area that is free of charge and you have a world class facility just a few hours away in Timaru, life isn’t too bad after all.

IMG_2303 Going Enduro

What is labeled as the MX track at the Waimakariri River facility may be “Ruff like a dog”, but that Enduro loop is pretty darn good as I was to discover.

There was one section in particular that kept me going through most of the sessions which offered most of what I needed. The only time I wandered was to give young guns Joseph and Tyler full confidence on clearing the double, which they soon had dialed. Otherwise the tabletop and two turns of our short loop gave more than enough options.

IMG_2383Old Frogs can still Fly

Getting the prize for most guts was Sasha, riding a KX250 two stroke. Our work on ruts was rather punishing but important, making her new confidence in them that much more worth the effort. I just wish I had picked up on her fear of stalling sooner. The moment she got right off the throttle while braking and turning was when she really started using the front brake and her ability soared.

Bradley had the ultimate supporting crew, complete with their own grandstand and hot tea. He proved that a KDX could still do the business, although he was sure to be sleeping well that night after all the work we did on getting his knees back to stand.

IMG_2440Jumping to Timaru

Finally, and after our Queenstown trip, was our visit to the famous Backflips Dirt Farm where I met Don and Ben. With loads of experience with Speedway and racing road bikes, his goal now was jumping, but I got stuck in to their cornering styles as well.

IMG_2405 While Don had the intensity, Ben had the style. Combining the two into the best of both worlds is never an easy task but with some work on getting Ben confident with his front brake deep into ruts and then getting Don down low for the jumps, by the end of the session the progress was obvious and I am looking forward to seeing how far it takes them over the next few months.

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