2 February 2018 / Broxy Camps

Cyclone Camps

We had two big storms threaten two of the biggest bootcamps we have ever had, but in both cases it turned out for the absolute best.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

While the combination of king tides and a cyclone was washing away beaches around the north island, we were still able to ride the first two mornings at Pirinis. Daniel Bell and the others learned serious bike control in turns and jumps, using less speed but more skill.

This was also the case for riders like the Corson boys and Kaleb of Christchurch. While we stayed inside for the day that got postponed, the next day was all about handling a ripped and over-watered track.

Make Lemonade!

Both of the tracks came up brilliantly for the final day. Daniel was in his element at Pirinis, battling with Ashburton rider Ben Wall for corner speed and lap times. Ben also pushed the Corson boys and Kaleb in Christchurch as the track lined up, forming epic ruts and natural berms. It turned out to be ultimate practice for the big events to come.

Ben ended up winning the 13-16yr class at King of the Mountain and finishing fourth at the Woodville MX GP. The Corson boys did well too, as did Kaleb who got fourth at KOTM and a top ten at Woodville. Daniel also had a great event at the GP, crediting our Bootcamp for much of his success.

I still can’t believe that it all worked out so well when the weather was so bad. It really was exactly what they needed.

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