8 September 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Dads Dream Day

The Criminals

The Criminals

We reckon a $40 coaching session makes for a pretty cool Fathers Day present, especially when we were blessed with conditions like this.

Ready to Rip

Ready to Rip




Ripped and Rolled

The Pirini family had ripped the track after Wednesday’s rains and then perfected the conditions by packing the soil down again by towing their special set of tyres around it many times over the next two days. The result was brilliant, and eight Dads joined me in making the most of it.

Beginning our standing work on the ground, we were perfecting their style safely while trying the skill of standing through the first part of a turn. They quickly learned how to sit without putting their leg out and after some free laps and a break we transitioned to airtime.

Fathers Flying

Carving an arc through a kicker was aided by learning how to not need their customary blip off the takeoff. Not blipping was made possible by standing with their chin past the handlebars until they were actually airborne, at which point they could get their weight back if needed. It was a lot to learn but was apparently a lesson for both the Dads new to riding and those who had been doing it for decades.

They asked how to double out of the roller section, so I taught them to touch the front down first in the downramp of coming up a little short. I had to tell off one or two of them who chose not to try this. It might sound risky and unnecessary at first, that is until they had experienced how good it could be.



Bar Scraping

The climax was giving them a rundown on the key points of rut riding before trying those skills on some prime examples. Mark Scobie, my suspension guru, added a shotgun blast of other skills to think about through ruts. Some of it stuck, and not just with our students.

One skill he mentioned was getting your leg extra high with toe pointed, in order to help you truly commit to a rut. I had tried this before and stopped coaching it for certain reasons, but found it really helped me lean crazy far into the smoother ruts on this day. The result was the videos I posted on facebook where my handlebars literally scraped the ground a few times, including one time where it hit too hard and I fell off. The feeling of that much commitment with little risk of injury was just incredible.

In the final free time it was Russell Snodgrass and I who sessioned the ruts continually while others did the whole lap or headed back to family. And it was only the lure of time with family that could pull me away from that place also. Our Dads Day was special for more than just the students.

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