4 November 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Darfield Bowl, Track Review

The mini scene in Christchurch is flourishing thanks to some excellent execution of a great ethic and an excellent track. Broxy made his second visit to “The Bowl” near Darfield for two large group sessions that went down like cold lemonade on a hot day.

img_5596Having a group full of five and six year olds just goes to show how word can spread when a club has a friendly reputation. These kids are the future and there is a very good chance that you yourself would be as jealous as I am that they even get to ride at this age, let alone riding such a cool track.

Set in a small quarry, much work has gone into making a very interesting circuit that is complete with basically everything you could want. Berms, jumps and fast sections that flows flawlessly from one section to the next.


img_5624 I felt like the lucky one as it made my job so easy, especially with the help of Tex from Grassroots MX and Bradley Hamburger. Instead of their potentially emotional father getting in their face every lap they knew that three unbiased sets of eyes were watching and ready to help them achieve the goal.

The berms and flat turns were all enhanced by getting them wide enough to open up whatever line they were to choose. I found that the off-camber turn had enough tacky dirt to form a brilliant little rut so after setting the ground work I encouraged them to lean extra far into the best section. It went well, as these things are possibly the biggest keys to corner speed.


img_5502 There is a certain formula that makes for a brilliant jump, and they have a great example. A constantly curved upramp that suddenly flattens into a long and wide tabletop flat section before flowing gently into a long downramp without any sharp transitions. The riders showed that they could keep low to the bike, so we moved quickly into what is essentially the start of whips. It might seem a bit early but it is simply bike control, and it wasn’t long before they were looking quite comfortable even when getting quite big air.



img_5552Time literally flew by, to the point where I didn’t begin any tips on starts until after our time was meant to be up. The metal gates made it easy to practice proper technique, and while we decided it best to not start them all at once, we easily could have.

One dad that I called recently about the day was very positive about how it went, saying his boys backed it up soon after with an excellent ride where they kept putting many of the skills into practice. While I am usually happy if kids that age come away with just two or three things that they remember, I am not surprised that they learned more when they had such a useful track as this to learn on.

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