2 November 2010 / Featured Events

Dargaville/ BRC club day

The track was good

There is a new club in town where everyone knows your name. No pressure or flashy bikes needed, just bring your bike and yourself for a great time thanks to the Dargaville MCC.

We wanted to get on board and introduce some newbies to what we do so thanks to Aaron and the McKenzies we got together and organized a Saturday blast at Te Kopuru.

Everything from wee tackers to the big quad riders showed up for a play. Aaron has been busy getting the track in to great racing shape and with a perfectly weighted rain fall it was everything you could have hoped for.  

Line up line up

Good numbers

At a ridiculously cheap price riders got an hours coaching with it split between the older and younger ones having their separate sessions. Even some of the quickest riders found their idea of coaching blown away for something hopefully better than expected. It is all about less effort with more speed and control by working with the bike.

Time for Action

Broxy got into the racing himself and made plenty of mistakes but didn’t run out of gas this time for a change!  Kyle and Brian had some good racing along with KTM charger Daniel but it was Dargaville Honda who deservedly won out on the day with their awesome support. The Pie Cart definitely deserves an honourable mention too though!


Clubs, get in on this and let us know if you would like us to do something similar in your area, what better way to help your riders and get a bit of buzz back in the pits at the same time!

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  1. Aaron Fitness,

    Thanks Broxy, Sarah & Chloe for all the kind words. It was an awesome day and our pleasure. See you guys next time you’re up our way.

  2. martin,

    at dargaveille i spent the best $20 i ever parted with on coaching thanks Broxy Rider coaching (ok another $20 went at tuck shop and was almost as good ) i look forward to the next lesson

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