27 September 2018 / Track review

Dargaville- Sandy Haven

Dirt had magically appeared on top of the sandstone. The jumps were very safe and a whole new technical section had appeared that somehow helped the track to flow. Even a healthy dose of rain on the day of the coaching didn’t stop us, simply because of how well-drained it is. A good track is usually a sign of a healthy club. It is fun to see a club doing well.

Good Times

Broxy Coaching at Te Kopuru goes way back to 2006. Located near the holiday destination of Bayleys Beach, it is ten minutes beyond Dargaville but has always been well worth the trip. The owners- Bruce and Judy- also own Dargaville Honda, and you really couldn’t ask for nicer people; something you can say of the entire club.

We had 25 riders for the Club Coaching over two days with some of them doing sessions on both days, like Cooper, who was getting ready for the mini nationals. Liam was another, improving his skills on the dry day and then overcoming his fear of mud like a champ on the second day. Drew was both entertaining and impressive, who’s family I stayed with that night. They even took me out to dinner for an excellent meal at Wairoa- the restaurant, that is.

All Welcome

The Dargaville MX Club has seen a big increase in numbers, and Ryan is an example of how a safe track can help a beginner rider to feel comfortable enough to keep racing long enough to improve his skills, to the point where he is probably ready for the CRF250R he would love to have.

Most clubs would be more than jealous of the 10-11 people they have turning up to working bees with all sorts of heavy machinery. Perhaps a part of their success are the people like Colin Rowse who know what makes clubs work, using their experience from other sports like Rugby over the years. Long may the growth continue. I am just glad to help those new ones learn the basic skills and the racers to improve.

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  1. Bronwyn Williamson,

    AWESOME.Congratulations to the Club.I understand that a lot of effort goes in behind the Scenes.

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