31 July 2011 / Broxy Racing

Dashing for the Cash

Bog #1, pic Judy McKenzie

Facebook, click. Events, click. DASH FOR CASH. Attending? Solid click- YES!!

The reason is simple. Train less, go like mad and possibly win $3,000- it is a simple equation really. Of course preparation would help but other than organizing a 450 and transport, there isn’t much you can do to train for an event like this. Traffic lights count down. Jump the gun as much as you possibly can without hitting the gate. Hang on with throttle on full, fighting to keep straight then hook hard into the 180 degree corner before dashing to the finish. How do you train for that? You can’t so just enjoy it!

The Talent

This year there was a good line up. Last years finalists Shaun Fogarty and Jessie Wiki were back. So was the NOS injected CR500. Added to the mix was Daryl King and Cody Cooper along with a keen Mitch Rowe aboard his 72 HP YZF500 supermotard bike.

Alpinestars save the day, pic Judy McKenzie

As it turned out Cody was fast but pulled out due to the danger element- it was very boggy in places. It caught me out as I was nearing top speed 100m from the finish when a wobble whipped my leg back and up in between the rear wheel and the swingarm where it got stuck. My only option was to keep the throttle on full, win the race and then worry about the heat burn and getting my leg back! I was pleased to hear that I wasn’t the only one whom that had happened to that day.

Thrills and Spills

That same bog took the only remaining superquad out of the competition as well. The other superquad had come a gutser on the main hole just after the start, throwing him off only for him to get run over by Rocket Ron aboard his Can Am four wheeler, squelching him even deeper in the mud and giving him a big gash up his arm in the process. Not one to give up, this trooper then gave the crowd an even bigger buzz by catching his runaway super quad that was doing full throttle donuts all by itself, getting back on and finishing the race. Classic You Tube material.

A Nudge or a Barge?, pic Judy McKenzie

Repeat Performance

Anyway I forced my way in to each final. Man on man with Mitch and his monster, the NOS powered 500, smashing banners and posts to pass a RMZ250 before getting my leg caught. In the final against Jessie Wiki and Shaun Fogarty who ended up the two main finalists for the actual Dash for Cash I managed to take a clear win but that is where I finished, beaten out by not jumping the gate enough or picking a bad line. Jessie Wiki went on to win again and well done to him, 100%.

Moral of the Story

Now the weird part. I lost, but had so much fun that it didn’t really matter. It is like a quote I read recently by an ex NBA player, “A kid will say ‘Dad, we won the game. Lets go get McDonalds.’ The next weekend the same kid will say ‘Dad, we lost the game. Lets go get McDonalds.’ It doesn’t really matter to a kid if he wins or loses, he usually just had fun anyway!” After the days racing I wasn’t the only one lining up at BK, we all had a good time.

And a big thankyou to Judy McKenzie of Dargaville Honda for the great pics on her new camera- well done! Check out more on their facebook page!

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