31 July 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Dedicated Education

Bookings are bursting at the seams for our Boot Camps lately, for good reason.

Three days of focused riding on friendly tracks with your own personal IMG_7427slave feeding, accommodating and coaching you. This time the challenge came with rain from halfway through our time, making it a case of using the skills to help you swim, or sink.


Grade A Student

Riders from further afield stayed a night early at Pirinis or with us at our house where they caught a ride to the track with me. Jayden Stevens was one of those riders, this camp to be his second ever time on a bike. What really made him stand out to me was how he had saved up enough as a teenager to pay for the camp and his own new bike all by himself. Definite dedication.

IMG_7425We began with ideal conditions where I dished out the homework. Probably the most challenging and beneficial work came in the quarry where all riders were taken out of their comfort zone. Despite the fears of falling off a bank or flipping their bikes it was the safest place to practice keeping their knees gripping the seat and arms bent while freaking out. It was to be very useful for the next two days.

They were all pretty tuckered out after five hours of riding so time was called for an early dinner where the few hours of energy that they had left were used making the most of the winter darkness playing spotlight.


IMG_7438 Fresh after the nights sleep we had a great mornings ride, including an excursion around the trail loop before the rain began. A compulsory rest during the downpour left them fresh for one more burst, this time on a much wetter track. Eventually all the young ones were drawn to the mini track with one puddle in particular. That burst was ok so long as it was their last ride of the day as they all learned what water can do to an air filter. Cleaning and maintenance were the lessons learnt that afternoon before relaxing to MX DVD’s and more spotlight.

IMG_7441Graduation Day

Day three was the real test of technique as the bikes were sliding around non stop. That didn’t get them off the hook though; this was intensity day and they were forced to push their entry speed into turns, even if they were going to have to pick up the bike a few times. At least the ground was soft!

Some of them got some serious confidence on the mini track, and then it came time to hit the main circuit. At first this threw many of them so the rest of the day was teaching them how to work with chaos. More on that in my next How Too article for DRD. Basically we sent them away with muddy bikes and plenty to think about, and reason for a good nights sleep!

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