2 August 2018 / Rider Profile

Different Folks, The Same Strokes

If you are an adult wondering whether you qualify for a coaching session or not then just take a look at the variety of backgrounds that I had in Hawkes Bay this month.

Darrell had been riding since before I was born, and rocked up with a really nice 1980-something CR500 on display that might well have been his dream bike when it was new. Yet despite the “Bikey” look of his facial hair, and even though he has been riding much longer than I had, he was definitely there to learn- even when it meant he had to reluctantly calm down his throttle hand for the greater good.

Michael was quite the opposite – riding the latest TPI enduro bike, around my age and clean shaven. Having been riding for around 5 years he was keen to improve his corner speed for events like the Extreme Enduro races that are set to kick off soon. As it turned out, we also made a serious effort to help him get consistent on the jumps as well. Despite this not being his favourite topic, he gave it a good nudge.

Then there is Andy who has the classic story of having been a road bike rider for some time, but was now keen to move on to the dirt. His ride was the relatively safer option of a CRF250X, although he handled my 450RX pretty well too. He even learned the ruts and sharp drops that I wanted to help him with for those tricky trail rides he is bound to encounter.

Another type are the parents I am constantly coming across who are keen for some skills to help them join their kids on the track, and I think it is a great way to keep the pressure off and really make it a family affair. Whatever your background may be, adults are brilliant candidates for coaching. And don’t just think that watching someone else’s session will do the trick- the personal attention you get in a small group is the only way. Well that’s just my opinion anyway.

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  1. Mark Hemmings,

    As one of the “older” folk, as Broxy puts it, I can certainly recommend Broxy to help you get out and amongst it. In my experience, he has a coaching style and a way of connecting to riders that makes the learning easy (well, easier that it might otherwise have been).

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