4 May 2011 / Featured Events

Dirt Diva Day

Dirt Diva Day“Goddesses of the Off road” would have sounded too glamorous for an activity that involves sweat, tears and mud so the triple D was a perfect name for these ladies. Absent was the bad attitudes associated with a Diva, replaced by an air of receptivity mixed with laughter as these girls tackled the elements and any bad habits that Broxy pointed out. Of course there were the near disasters, spin outs and stalls but why would you want anything different?

Time To Hit The Dirt

The day was run by Launa of Motorcycle Trader Magazine who had a dream of getting all the motorcycle manufacturers and accessory brands together in one place to showcase their wares, joined with a day of riding and enjoyment to bring them all back again next time. Unfortunately that proved to be a much bigger task than anticipated so in the end it was Fly riding gear, Broxy Rider Coaching and Honda Hamilton/ the Honda Red Riders Club that made the day- still nothing to complain about! 
After the initial briefing the ladies seperated themselves into riding levels. The Novice group went from being the largest to becoming the smallest after a little persuasion- modesty progressing to confidence before long. While one group checked out the newest range of riding gear, another group played on the range of Honda bikes from Hamilton Honda. The third group had their hour with Broxy and one feedback stands out, thanks to Stuart of Over The Top Adventures “All the ladies that I spoke to found your coaching to be a huge benefit and came away brimming with confidence- Stuart.” You can’t ask for much more than that.

The Blackhill MX track was up to the task despite the drizzle and we hope it will encourage more people to hit its winding dirt tracks on the very edge of Waihi township. Go girls!

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