3 January 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Disciples of Dirt

John and James, Paul and Peter. No not the four from Biblical times but a doctor, a business man, one school kid and a motocross coach! This is just one of the groups in a bumper Saturday in Auckland.

Putting on a good show

The first session was a large half day session of ladies only, keeping the pace down and getting right back to basics- something that Grace and Sophie’s Dad said is not something he can get the girls to do! For Paloma and the Whitby girls however¬†this was the perfect pace to overcome some fears and boost that confidence.¬†Of course there is always the chance of things going wrong which it did spectacularly a couple of times and full credit to the girls and parents for enjoying the funny side straight away as it certainly hurts less when you are laughing!

The tactics didn’t change much for John and Paul’s group and they had a ball learning and talking about long distance cycling before Broxy put his attention on the bigger group for the afternoon. It might have been a bit of a shock to hear some of the things that Broxy wanted them to do but by most accounts it worked and felt better, so long as we stayed away from the logs!

The track up Bombay has all we need and being only just off the main motorway we expect to be back soon.

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