4 May 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Doing Dannevirke

There was hardly a minute where we didn’t have at least a few passers by watching our riding and they weren’t disappointed, especially when it came time for Regan and I to hit the big double. Gibb’s track on SH2 just above Dannevirke is back, and we hit it with a vengeance.

IMG_2617 Daniel and the lads had just finished the yearly makeover, having spent three long days with tractors and trailers dropping dirt everywhere and moving it into wide turns and the kind of upramps that a BMX dirt jumper would be happy with. The only thing lacking was a little rain but that didn’t hold us back from two brilliant days of coaching.




Best Foot Forward

While the Junior Nationals was happening just a little further north, twenty adults were spread over the two days. A few of them did both days, with some very jealous others who wished they could do the same. Complete with a brilliant set of starting gates we cycled through the skills with good progression as the riders allowed.

An early decision to focus on how to case jumps proved to be of excellent value. No longer was there any need to be scared of coming up short on any whoop as the front wheel could now soak it up. Combined with some focused standing skills there was some real progress made with riders such as Troy and Liam.

IMG_2641 Big Hit

At days end I found myself called to the double like a moth to the flame. Regan blew our minds with the biggest launch ever, landing way down the hill. A handy hint from Daniel helped me get the run up I needed, but my first jump was no less scary than Regan’s as I forgot to turn with the jump, landing in the bushes off the side that had not been widened as much. I had plenty of time to plan how I could survive as I flew through the air, gripping the seat with all of my leg strength and hunkering my upper body down low. It paid off and we were soon hitting the jump at will.

The Broxy van was my tent again but that was from choice, not necessity as we spent the evening around the brazier or down at the creek chasing eels. The goal was set to get Daniel over the big double the next day but as the day dawned a tad windy we settled on the excellent improvements made everywhere else.

IMG_2644Back for More

Most noticeable was the one rut that saw some serious commitment thrown at it. Sliding was banned, getting horizontal now the only way. We used that to increase corner speed in a bunch of places with relatively few tip overs in the process.

The boys are keen to get us back down again in preparation for Woodville so if you are in the area, contact the boys for a ride and keep a look out for that training day. I am sure it will be better than ever.

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