19 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching

DRD supporting Paeroa!

Looking good

Looking good

What better way to get behind your local school than to get their riding students a full on training day! Seven riders met Broxy at the Patetonga MX track in preparation for the schools MX to be held there on May 6th. Decked out in their green team gear they were a tight unit with a good attitude.

Throttle happy

The day was set up thanks to Paul Lance of Dirtrider Downunder Magazine who arrived with some trick new gear to try out- the most obvious of which being a Can-Am quad with loads of goodies. He put it to good use, following us around the track taking photos and even using its flash air compressor system to attempt pumping up a flat rear tire that appeared on Rileys bike. Unfortunately the puncture was too large so Riley had to use our CRF150RB for a second time, on which he looked very quick.

Hanging it out

Taking a big step from his usual 85cc bike was Logan aboard Dads CRF450R but that didn’t stop him one bit, all it proved was he needed a bigger bike! Fortunately Broxy could help there and the very next week had his South Island bike brought home which Logan quickly snapped up as his own after Dylan finally stepped up to a RM125 after the session.

Jake showed the best jumping skills aboard his RM125 while Finn made great progress in his jumping skills by keeping his shoulders close to bike and chin up. Sam was the only girl rider but that didn’t hold her back at all.

The most improved award definitely went to Brandon aboard his 1999 CR125. While he has ridden bikes since an early age this is his first year racing and the cornering skills really worked for him. It is awesome to see these kids getting their sport supported like this so thanks to the Paeroa school and their supporters!

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