1 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Driven Juniors

Having advertised a Junior Nationals Coaching Day two months in advance, the final schedule was sent out to our 18 riders who had booked in. Location? Tokoroa of course. With one week to go, we were putting together the final plan when another 19 riders booked in! We had to bring in another coach. Wanting to keep the groups small and allow the riders to get that 1 on 1 focus we called in Michael Phillips to join Niki Urwin and Broxy. We couldn’t have asked for better coaches and better students.

Driven JuniorsMost people turned up even before we had got there showing how eager they were to learn. There were a number of riders who had never ridden the South Waikato MCC track before and wanted to make the most of the day before the nationals.

Nitty Gritty

Breaking everyone up into three groups they could spend an hour with each coach. Niki focused on jumping, Michael on corners and Broxy on ruts. After their first

session we were already receiving good feedback from both the parents and coaches who couldn’t believe how receptive the riders were being and the results were  beginning to show. After two sessions we decided to put them to the test with a mock  qualifying after a sit down talk from the three coaches. The riders made the most of  the opportunity, having two fast laps then time to assess before going out for two  more fast laps with many improving their times in the second half.

Focus on the gate

After session number three, the proposed racing was canned in favor of starts practice. The 85’s would do one, then the bigger bikes. After seeing Lochie Sidwell  and Scott Sowry be 1st and 2nd around the corner in every start we pushed them to the outside of the start gates hoping to make things difficult, but they still continued their good run of starts.

With no crashes on a rough powdery track these riders seemed entirely focused and  we hope they do very well at the nationals. Go hard!

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