1 February 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Early Birds- in the Naki

Catching a worm may not have been the intention but all those who rose early for their Broxy Coaching session were well rewarded. Starting off in New Plymouth there were three happy lads enjoying a moist, freshly groomed Barrett road track.

Josh Holmes

Local enduro ace Larry Blair is no slouch on the MX track as well, and with a discerning eye he was looking for only the finest gold. Fortunately he was also willing to give anything a go which enabled us to make two very significant improvements in his riding, without the embarrassment of the dozens of falls he had to endure with his prior coach. Hopefully that didn’t disappoint Mrs Blair who was there with their new arrival as well.

   Up and coming Honda rider Josh Holmesmade the same two discoveries, which only video of his enthusiasm afterwards would have done justice to.

Track Taming

Unfortunately life was not so easy for our friend Cullen Hurley who was made to endure the rigors of getting his upper body moving. It is one of those high difficulty, high reward skills that are reserved for those riders truly willing to learn which, fortunately, he is.

Fresh from their camp at the beach it was no surprise that the Loveridge boys had slept in. By the time they joined Big Josh and Logan, the main track was starting to dry out- which meant the mini track- under water just a week before, was now starting to get good. With no further sessions that afternoon we could take our time and enjoy the lesson before Broxy took his turn at doing some motos while the others could happily get back to their holiday. Yes, it was dry but that didn’t stop him helping Blair Holdt from smashing his best ever lap time, by an astounding four seconds no less.


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