1 February 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Early Birds- Wanganui to Palmy

Trying Broxys Bike

Jaxon arrived at the Wanganui Club track the next day with a bike definitely warmed up, having ridden from home to join his two friends at our first session. You may remember him as the little TTR50 that almost took out the camera man in our 2009 Broxy DVD after racing through a puddle. Back then he had just started riding but his willingness to hang it out has not ebbed one bit. It would be an untruth to say that first hour was easy but it is the results that matter, which was very obvious in their new found riding styles.

Moto Time

Getting to coach these riders consistently is a huge help, something easy to see in working with Seth and Phillip once again as we refined old skills and made big progress with the new. They were able to enjoy a track that we were again the first to ride since having being groomed, and while the wind worked its drying ways they made the most of that condition. Our final session for the day came with a nice surprise as Terry Casserly joined David and Braeden for their remodeling. It was discovered that Terry is father to none other than the Ginger Ninja Josh Casserely, formerly of Dirtrider Downunder fame and still working hard albeit on the other side of the world. David learned to sit forward, Braeden to stand with the correct bend, and Terry worked on putting it all together.

Loving the Loam

While each track during this trip was best in the morning there was no better than the Cvitanovich’s, venue for our Palmerston North adventures. These conditions were mainly thanks to the watering and earth works of Mr Dittmer, whose son Kane delighted us with his incredible new speed aboard his new CRF150R. Stevie Lee was also back and now aboard the same class of machine, along with Davey and the irrepressible Tony Cvitanovich who is onto his fifth coaching sheet. The patches of Woodville-like dirt looked incredible and the riders wasted no time in making the most of it.

Another shock of the good kind came in the form of Rhys and Zac Jillings aboard their new KTM mini bikes. Zac especially has morphed into a racing machine practically overnight. Tylah Wind was brushing up on her 100 before Woodville after which she will make the move to the two stroke machine where her technique will be essential. Following them aboard a matching pair of TTR machines, the Smith brothers received their first Broxy Coaching session outside of the Honda kids camp and wasted no time making the most of it. By the end of their session they were doing the same basics a seasoned pro needs will use, no doubt helping their confidence.

Our last session was a laugh as I was forced to keep a serious face until everyone realized we were first here for work before the real fun could start. Goon riding, the poo stance and more names were used to get the message through which must have worked as all three riders were able to claim jumps they had never before done while their cornering also saw the bright side. By the time Broxy got to ride the track was certainly less perfect, but who would complain after a week like this!

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