30 June 2016 / Broxy Camps

End results of Bootcamp SI

IMG_3371I have a new respect for the toughness of ducks. Obviously nervous about my presence they proved to be resilient ice breakers as they made their way across the partially frozen pond until it was thick enough that they could climb on to the ice, shake their tails and basically walk on water. Any South Island coaching trip booked for June is certainly going to be a risk, but while it started out cold, we were soon blessed with track conditions that prove this to be the best time of the year.

IMG_3375My first session with Sasha proved without a doubt that she was also tough. By the end of two days at Timaru she would also show real potential as a future champion.

Joseph has done Bootcamps with us up north before, but never one in the south island. He seems to get around seven seconds a lap quicker each time we see him, but that record got raised to a whole new level at this camp.

If you are up with the NZ MX scene, then Michael Godfrey MX is a familiar name. This year it changed venues due to the drought above Christchurch, this time held at our familiar Backflips Farm. Why is that important? We were there just days after that event with all the bad ruts groomed away and the good ones left for us. Combined with warm weather and the ability for this soil to keep bringing out moisture this time of year, our track was truly epic.

IMG_3357The times to beat were taken halfway through the day, having had plenty of time to get used to the track. Then, using plenty of sections and my new timing toy we got stuck into making them go better.

Sasha was determined to get better at ruts. She was not afraid to tackle them but she kept popping out early due to being too cautious on her front brake use and too keen on the throttle.

It turned out that those two skills took most of the first day to overcome, but they paid off in spades. When combined with a few other skills she took a massive 16 seconds off her best time. Unfortunately a small mistake ended her camp a day early but hopefully the lessons stuck well enough to pick them up again easily.

IMG_3359Joseph gained his normal seven second improvement on the very first day, mainly from getting his throttle to the stop where it was safe. So his next expectation was to gain another seven seconds the next day. That was going to require some serious coaching, yet somehow we managed it after breaking the track down into every section. He was now a massive 14 seconds better on that track than when we started but we weren’t finished yet.

Earlier in the week we had a session at the Christchurch club track where the days training had got down to a respectable time. After the two days at Backflips and one more on the club track we were able to whittle him down a mind blowing 22 seconds. I can’t wait to hear how his school mates deal with him on that track now!

There is no secret tip in this article, other than to show how beneficial three days of Bootcamp can be. We are already planning for our next one in the south island and will continue every month with our sessions up north. Make sure you check it out.

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