4 July 2018 / Broxy Coaching

“Fast and Safe!”- Riding Tips

“Thanks Broxy. We had a great time. Mira and I went to the track yesterday to put the techniques into action. Felt great – fast and safe! Signed, G”

There is nothing quite like this kind of feedback for motivation and satisfaction. It means I hit my target, as this kind of result is exactly what I am aiming for. This month we will look at Glenn and Mira’s coaching session to see some of the reasons why we might have ended up with that win.

Easy Does It

We started out on flat grassy land to take away any fear that might stop them from trying new skills. From my first session that day I was reminded how it is better to start too easy than too hard. It was a good call.

“So I lean into the turn with the bike?” Straight away I was saying things that were different to what he was expecting and would take a little getting used to. Making sure that he understood that it meant he didn’t have to lean the bike over as far in order to go the same speed seemed to help.

Getting Technical

Sitting in the low part of the seat for braking and turning meant that they could lean back to balance out the g-forces, before sliding their bum back on the seat and leaning forward to power hard. I think they quite enjoyed that part, and best of all it helps minimize that old devil we call arm-pump. Getting their inside knee high and leg bent for the turning phase of a corner also helped.

Making straighter lines for braking meant that Mira could start using his front brake, and hopefully Glenn would translate it to the steep down hills that give him some grief on trail rides. We didn’t have any steep hills to practice on, but we did the next best thing when we got on to the MX track- riding up and over jumps.

Owning It

We worked on many aspects of standing, but the main goal was allowing the bike to move under them. That meant standing bent at the waist and then allowing the handlebars to come right back towards their tummies as they powered up the steepest parts of a jump. Their head would end up way over the front, but that works wonders as the bike then levels out again. It is just so smooth because their body doesn’t get thrown around at all.

Getting crazy low to the bike at the steepest part of a downhill had the same effect of allowing the bike to move. Glenn really got this good, enchanced by some healthy seat squeezing. All of this, combined with some throttle and clutch control for the rutted turns meant that they quite enjoyed the main track by the end, including some of the biggest jumps that they had ever done. Best of all, it obviously translated to the trail track that following weekend, helped in part by the videos and notes I had sent them through the Seesaw app. Good results all round.

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