9 December 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Fast Young Guns

This months feature rider section is a double hit, combining young school mates Hunter Hadley with Ollie Smith, who are proving that having a bunch of young riders in the same patch is a recipe for success.

Afraid? Not!

They live in Auckland, but the last time I coached Hunter was at the West Melton track in Christchurch. Despite being a long way to go, it was definitely worthwhile, being the venue for the mini nationals where he ended up with the number three plate. Especially impressive is how new these conditions were to him, helped by three or four holeshots.

Hunter literally lives for motocross and has a great attitude towards his riding and fellow competitiors. He also managed an impressive speech on the podium, with the cute bonus of getting Cycle Treads and Cycle Spot mixed up.

Hunter then went on to get second overall in his class at the Auckland champs, which is where Ollie comes in, who won the 50cc Intro class only a few short days after our coaching session at Awhitu.

Fast Fifty

At the session he was a quick learner, helping me push him quickly through some pretty advanced skills like slippery turns and even whips. Most importantly we worked on corner speed and jumping, which certainly didn’t hurt his performance.

The weather was perfect for the Auckland Champs and Ollie was on fire that day. Shifting through the gears and carving up the corners, not only did he win every race but his lap times would have put him in third place against the KTM’s in the mini class.

Ollie has been having a play on Hunters Mini SX and will be moving to that bike for the Summer series at Harrisville. Hunter is stepping up to the bigger 50, on which he plans to do all the big events including Summer cross and Woodville. Below are some words from Hunters mum.

The Next Gear

“So now as we say goodbye to the KTM Mini and hello to the 50SX we have a super excited 6 year old who can’t wait for his next challenge. We have a full line up this summer of events he wants to compete in and the right attitude for going up against those that are more experienced than himself. He tells me while he will miss racing on his mini he knows the only way to get better is to race people who are better than himself so he is excited for the challenges that lie ahead.”

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