2 December 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Featured Rider- Reece Lister

Got the Spunk

I started racing at 9yrs old in 2009 on the 65cc in HB, there was 19 fast 65cc riders and I knew I had to learn to go faster so I wouldn’t be smoked all the time. Hunting stags and pig hunting is my first passion but motocross is a very close second.

What I like about motocross

-catching up with other kids and meeting new kids around the country and playing with them and having fun.

-doing well in races and not coming off.

-racing handlebar to handlebar and having to out think the other rider and hunting down the next rider in front.

-going to new tracks and seeing different dirt.


Passion #1

What I don’t like about motocross

-hurting myself, which I have done a few times.

-my bike not working properly.

-travelling, as we live a long way from mx tracks. 

-Junior nationals in April when the stags are roaring.


-learning to never give up when racing.

Top of the Podium

– know there is always more to learn to get better at something

-getting and keeping fit, which helps my riding.

-liking all tracks and trying to do as best as I can do on them.

-Learnt to focus on the next race and not worry about the last race.

-trying to do as well as I can in each class I ride in.

 I am enjoying riding my YZ 85cc and keen for Broxy to help me ride it better.I am going to miss my 65cc as I really liked racing it.

A Big Thanks to –

–          All the people who have helped me and my Mum and Dad

–          -The guys at Bay Motorcycles in HB who have helped heaps with my racing .

–          -Broxy for showing me how to ride properly and helping me feel safe jumping after my accident.

–          -All the clubs who put on cool events to ride at and making cool tracks.      

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