4 April 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Feedback From The Tussock

An hours worth of coaching is a short time in comparison to the many hours that a rider may spend on the rest of that trail ride alone. But let’s take a look at the feedback so you can decide how effective it is.

Lasting Impressions

While getting ready for this years effort, my enthusiasm was given a booster shot. Ross McGowan made a point of thanking me for the training session we had done here at Tussock two years ago. Basically he said that there are a couple of things from our lesson that he keeps reminding himself of every time he rides. He said that they help him a lot, and while I would love to train him again, it was warming to know that I am helping people enjoy our sport more.

Another comment came later in the day from someone who had done our morning session. They were most stoked that I didn’t come across as judgmental in my coaching. Instead of shaking my head at all the things they might be doing wrong, they said I was very positive and worked on the skills in a way that really helped them progress.

The Dark Side Of The Tussock

Anyway, enough of the warm fuzzies. No doubt there were plenty of things that could have been done better. An hour doesn’t give me the time I’d like to go terribly in depth. Sometimes the sitting work took most of my time, meaning the standing had to be rushed through- or vice versa. Coaching only the Friday made it to hard for some people to book, and I had to turn some Saturday people away. I got in some trouble for the path I was leading the riders to our training area.

As they say, live and learn. We will take these things on board, perhaps even extending the coaching time. Feedback on both sides is appreciated!


Back on the bright side, the conditions were perfect with recent showers dampening down the dust. Our training area gave options for riders to attempt hills at exactly the difficulty level that suited them. We were spoilt with views that would make much of the world would go green with envy. Best of all, there were plenty of smiles as the skills made riding easier for many riders, finished off nicely for the intermediate riders with an excellent loop on the trails to head home on.

We hope to be back, and am very thankful to the NZ Army for allowing use of their land once again. It is a real privilege. Long may it continue.

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