30 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Fieldays Fever

Fieldays Fever

Fieldays Fever

There is a strange call coming from Mystery Creek each Winter. It reaches thousands of staunch kiwis each year and invokes a strange, overpowering urge to go shopping despite the stark aversion to anything to do with that word the rest of the year long. In the words of Sarahs father “After last years efforts I thought ‘That will be enough of the Fieldays to last me two years’ and yet I found myself looking forward to going back again this year more and more as the time approached. And again it didn’t disappoint!”

It is much the same for me now but it wasn’t always that way. Having been a part of the Honda site since 2003 the first few years were hard work, standing around on the cold hard ground drinking many a cheap instant coffee. There wasn’t much in the shopping side to interest me and talking to people wasn’t something I didn’t feel particularly good at. Then I discovered seats, ahhhhh. I discovered warm gloves and thermals. Blue Wing Honda brought along a special coffee making machine and I started discovering the free food on offer. Shopping became much more interesting and I found myself visiting the Stoney Creek tent at least once every day.

Great setup

Last year we had our 2009 coaching DVD playing the whole time which jazzed things right up. By that time I started really enjoying catching up with people- couldn’t get enough in fact. Thanks to Sarah’s involvement we now had T-Shirts to sell and personalized posters to sign and give away. I was now in the firm clutches of Fieldays Fever.

This year I had the whole Honda truck set aside for Broxy Rider Coaching with its new awning looking just the ticket. New T-Shirts to sell, posters and stickers to give away, a $500 prize draw on offer for those willing to sign up and of course the coaching DVD cranking away the whole time as well. And don’t forget the new BRC bags, pens and measuring tapes to go with it!


Setting up wasn’t easy but so worthwhile. I hardly needed a single coffee the whole time. My shopping was quick but productive, getting even more set up for next years Roar season. But best of all we gave away over 1500 personally signed posters, twice that many stickers and signed up loads of people for upcoming coaching sessions.

Great Company

Great Company

I was very reluctant to leave Sarah all alone Friday morning so I could go testing with Karl Power for the upcoming Leatt 4 hour, partly for her sake but also because I was enjoying it so much. Then to have to leave her to do the whole Saturday including pack up with her pregnant belly seemed criminal but fortunately both our fathers came to the rescue there.

So who won?

Congratulations to the Richie Hamilton, winner of the $500 worth of Broxy coaching and goodies. Next year we have every intention to be back bigger than ever with more and better things on offer, to be honest I am already looking forward to it. And by the way, guess who won the award for best large site of the Fieldays for the third time? Well done Paul, Peter and the rest of the Blue Wing Honda team who helped it all come together, you deserve that holiday you should be taking right now!

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