4 July 2018 / Featured Events

Fieldays- The Honda Highlights

Have you ever seen a phone the size of a person? That is basically what I had beside my table at this years Fieldays. This interactive screen that anyone could use to view our training videos was a very nice bonus. I think I even learned something from it playing over and over so many times.

The Way To A Man’s Heart

Honda has allowed me to represent Broxy Rider Coaching at their stand for 15 years now. I love this opportunity to catch up with friendly faces, and everything else about it just keeps getting better. A few years ago they really ramped up their hospitality with incredible food and coffee for Honda customers, and you know how food is the best present a man can get.

This year they included the race bike of HRC Honda rider Todd Waters alongside Cody Coopers blinged up machine, with Mitchell Rees’ Superbike sporting his new number 2. All of the bikes were set up for you to hop aboard, with the kids range once again the obvious favorites.

Head Swell

Lining the walls was a completely new display of images showing bikes and their riders in epic locations and various states of awesomeness. I was especially stoked with the canvas style display of me wheelying my favorite Africa Twin right next to a massive cliff. It will look great on my garage wall at home if they let me take it when they are not using it any more!

Of course being able to sign stuff is the real highlight for me. We had another very cool poster to give away, but my favorite was signing the back of someones iPhone, reminding me that this definitely is the Millennial Generation.

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