1 July 2015 / Featured Events

Fieldays Winners

Despite winning best site awards time after time, this Fieldays Blue Wing Honda outdid even themselves.

Setting the Stage

The four tents flowed with people all day. The first was filled with Honda Power Equipment, the second being quads and Pioneer machines. In the middle was a replica of Cody Coopers number one bike that kids were welcome to hop on, along with an entertainingly committed CRF250R complete with dummy on board. I was tempted to make a few corrections to its riding technique but decided to let it be.

This culminated in the marquee housing race bikes, merchandise and sponsored riders, right beside the highlight that was a very high quality full café service. Free to Honda customers, it was like something straight out of America.

A Few Familiar Faces

Ben Townley was there for each of the first three days, with Johnny Phillips and Cody Cooper both doing two days of poster signing each. Tagged A2 action shots flew out of the site every day with many of my own joining theirs. Life was especially hectic on the Friday when many of the local schools had a conveniently timed teachers only day, keeping the blood flowing. My only concern was for Lisa our coffee maker, she is an absolute legend for working so hard with the smile never seeming to leave her face.

The Winners

Once again the prize of Best Outdoor site graced the stage. Sales records were broken, customers, dealers and fans alike seemed happy. It was only the Saturday where life calmed a little. Mystery Creek is good to us, all thanks to Honda of course.



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