2 July 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Fieldays Winners

Most of us love new tech. At this years Fieldays each person was given a fancy wristband that you could scan at different sites. In our case we were giving away a coaching session for two people, which was won by a Taranaki couple who will use it for a father and daughter fun day out.

Latest And Greatest

The Honda site itself also had plenty of new things to show. A whole new range of fuel injected trail bikes meant that the tried and true CRF110 and 125F bikes are even easier to start, combined with a completely new bike in the form of a fuel injected CRF250F. The last of these bikes got more than its fair share of interest, and rightly so, as it should suit a lot of the people who were coming through the gates.

We also got our first look at something quite different- the Talon 1000 R.

Family Fun

This is the kind of machine that could really make a day in the dirt into a family thing for me. The first time Sarah saw one online, she said that this was something that she could imagine doing- but only if she was the one driving.

What really makes this bike stand out from it’s competition is how it is not driven by a belt, which makes a massive difference with reliability on these machines. The six speed Dual Clutch Transmission is something I loved on the AfricaTwin two wheelers, and on the Talon there are paddle shifters on the steering wheel you can use to override the automatic settings.

Catch Up

My son Owen was in his element, choosing the racier version of the Talon and not wanting to get out. It was great to have Sarah and the kids there for the Friday, although it also happened to be crazy busy with hordes of people coming through the door. Fortunately Chloe and Megan found their place helping roll up the posters and scan wrist bands, while little Ashleigh just charmed anyone she came in contact with.

I really do enjoy showing my family off, and all the new tech, but the real highlight is getting to catch up with so many people I have met over the years. Honda has been so good to me and I hope the good times can continue for many years to come.

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