22 April 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Fighting in South Auckland

Ready for Battle

Getting paid to train a couple of hours every day sounds like a pretty good job- although the down side is you may be required to take a bullet if your customer is getting threatened… this is the every day kind of life for Jason, part time security guard for the Prime Minister and now getting coaching for his hobby of motorcycling.

In the opposite corner we had Brett and his daughter Emily with less dangerous jobs but the same past time. We all need a bit of adrenaline it seems!

Scottish Pride

Grin or Grimace

Grin or Grimace

The session was a hit and so was the next with a father and son duo joining a bike mad mum for their one on three session. We were at the private track of the Ross family, hidden amoungst native bush near the top of a remote hill like Moari warriors training for war. Well it is a fight of sorts, the main human opponent being yourself as you work with the Patu of metal and plastic. There only a few bruises to tell the tale, a good result that will hopefully lead to many more victories.

The next day dawned a disgusting blend of rain and mist but that didn’t stop the two lads with Campbell as their name from getting their quick tips, especially in conquering their rut skills with more front brake and less crazy power. They were followed by Ben Hahn who has now mastered ruts since our time at Tokoroa, using it to waste even 125 competitors at local races. Hopefully the final rundown on Nationals racing puts him in good stead for the real thing at Tokoroa.

To the death

After ringing ahead to cancel our final session we had one more go with young Hayden and Kian. Despite being given every excuse to not ride, these boys were determined and braved the pouring rain for an awesome hour long session. The slippery track didn’t stop them making huge in-roads on riding their clutch for smooth power, the kind of session that gives you warm fuzzies despite the cold wetness.

The next time we will be back here will be with a group of ladies, hopefully with better weather but just as much results!

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