6 April 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Finally Getting Tussock Buster Right

IMG_2165Scarred by the wheels and tracks of army vehicles, the hills around Waiouru are likely to tempt any dirtbike rider. For just the second time we actually used those hills as our training area, in conjunction with the Tussock Buster Trail ride supported by Honda NZ. And this year we also got the big rider numbers that the opportunity deserves.

After finding our feet for some time now, we were finally able to launch an all out assault with access to this exciting area combined with a poster to get the word out, which helped us have almost two dozen riders enlist.

LiIMG_2172mitless Options

Those hills didn’t disappoint either. Big and steep enough to test riding technique, while easy enough to conquer even after rain, our main circuit even had a berm at the top and off camber turn at the bottom. Lines could be chosen to suit any challenge a rider wanted; from easy, to extreme enduro, or even a jump, including a grippy grass or soft sand option for the turn at the bottom.

I had one hour to give each group the most important refinements, which is not a long time, but enough to send them down the trail home with a full brain and plenty of skills to practice over the next couple of days. The shorter session time also means we can afford to offer the session at a very low price.

IMG_2187Taking All Sorts

Just one group had to use a different area due to some younger riders, otherwise I worked with anyone from kids on 85/150cc machines to dyed in the wool trail riders, or from adults that had only been riding a few times in their life to the likes of cross country racer Kayne Moloney of Dannevirke. This is possible thanks to the great training area and small groups, making it easier for me to give everyone the attention they deserve.

If word gets out then I will need to open up coaching on the Friday also, giving riders even more chance to put the skills into practice without biting into their Saturday riding time. Bring on 2017!

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