1 September 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Finishing Strong

There was less than a week to go before bubba Broxy number two was due and I was getting a bit nervous. On the far north East tip of the Auckland region we were out of reception in the sandy land of South Head. Chosen for its wide range of terrain good for coaching in both the wettest of winter and driest of summers there was no chance at second guessing, we had people to coach!

Hanging it Out

A lack of raw speed had actually worked out well for Ryan Webley at a very rough Mercer track recently, but that is exactly what needed work. We got him out there finding the flowing lines and followed with pushing him really hard in the first half of each corner. The goal was to try so hard that he might even slide out completely. While he never reached the extreme limit he got pretty close. It is now up to him to keep that speed going.

GAS Works

It was the most intense look of concentration I have ever seen as husband and wife focused hard. They were an example of reading our how too tips in the Dirt Rider Downunder magazine, liked the look of how Steve and Gavin made their way through the sessions and figured they needed some of that. Despite having read about the skills it was another step again to have their riding worked on in person. By their feedback they definitely learned alot.

Showing real style

Ever struggled to get your foot bending in a stiff mx boot? It can be a problem that continues much longer than the life of the boot. Callum and Kian had a battle on their hands but we were not about to give up soon which eventually led to some of the sharpest power shifting they had ever done. The hardest battles bring the greatest victories, and there will be more habits to overcome next time.

Second Time Lucky

The reason for this trip was a re-booking of a pair of father and son teams after their postponement last month. On a beautiful Saturday morning they took in the foundations of sitting and then standing with attitude. What we did was enough to keep them going well into September but we will be seeing them again for more soon, no doubt here in Tauranga for the ultimate riding holiday while we hopefully enjoy this new baby. Look out!

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