30 April 2013 / Broxy Camps

First Broxy Academy

Three riders, two weeks out from the Junior Nationals, with one purpose. Increase their preparation thanks to a Millsaps-training-facility type of week, except based right here in NZ and with Broxy as trainer. It is hard to know who was most excited. Broxy knows he was!

Steens Head Start

Steens Head Start

It actually began at the Western Heights Schools MX in Rotorua with the reason behind this new push, Callum Hay. Making the most of being down from Auckland we hooked his trailer onto the Broxy van to stay the weekend in Tauranga, which worked out better than we expected come Monday.

Seeing as both of the other riders would be coming from the Waikato side we changed plans and met Steen Duckworth and Aaron King at Matamata where that days After Schools training was to be held. We began with forming ruts, moved on to the challenging rollers and finished with a timing session that ran them all into the ground. We had some rain but not enough to slow us down and by the time our Afterschools began, the boys were riding well.

With heavy rain on its way we made the call to keep everyone at our home in Tauranga for the next couple of nights, calling parents and organizing for them to stay with us an extra day at the end of the week to make up for lost riding time. However the wet Tuesday did not mean they had a holiday, instead it was quite the opposite with a serious run up Mount Maunganui in the storm, followed by a CrossFit style work out in our home garage that became 20 minutes of pain, the push ups on the TransforMX handlebars unanimously being voted the most difficult. Their treat was two games of Tenpin, which became more of a mental test than anything as they took turns beating me, Aaron definitely winning out in the mind games stakes. Not bad for a rainy day!



We chose my track for Wednesday which turned out to be excellent. The best thing about our location in Tauranga, for motocross anyway, is the spread of tracks to choose from to suit the days weather conditions, with seven National class tracks less than an hour from home. The morning sun saw the turns section form up great and we basically had a hard day on the stop watch making the most of its Taranaki style clay before cleaning up and doing their own push bike mission into town before dinner.

That night we moseyed on over to Pirinis after another great feed and crashed for the night in the cabins. On waking, the boys were blown away with its array of tracks only a stones throw from the porch we had arrived at, which they had no idea was there. And they loved it, with one and a half days of hard training on its pumice before the Otumoetai College group had their turn on the MX track around 10am Friday morning, at which time the boys did a couple of laps on the freshly groomed trails before pack up.

It worked out that we all met at the Hamilton Airport seeing as I was flying out of there that afternoon, everything working out like magic. As I write this they are about to race the Junior Nationals so we wish them all the best and recommend that you keep your eye on these names that you might not have heard before.

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