1 October 2015 / Broxy Coaching

First Freebie Of Many

IMG_7921Honda shops around the country will remember our offer for their employees to join us at the next training day we did in their area, basically as a two way street of saying thanks and giving them a better idea of how much we can help their customers. Well we decided it was time to make that same offer again, and seeing that we were coming to Taupo just a week after receiving their vouchers, Huka Honda was the first shop to send a special up and comer.

Our guest was joined by two Hawkes Bay riders; Derek and our friend Brendon Watson. While we know Brendon well, this was Derek’s first session, having worked his way to the point of being a very good rider without any previous coaching sessions. I felt somewhat honored that he was willing to trust me with fine tuning his skills.

IMG_7932 As it turned out I had to drag myself away from the endurocross track being built in preparation for next months MX Fest. Sure to be a great show, it is alsoenticing for us riders as a track that will be a hoot to ride with the added incentive of a $600 prize for the winner out of the total $2000 prizemoney on offer. So when Golden Tyres Mark Delatour wanted someone to test out the track I was more than happy to oblige.



IMG_7923Back on the main track I took my students to the biggest drawcard on the MX track, a series of ruts that had great potential. This is where I showed them my latest set of skills, involving an uncompromising body position that keeps their weight off the front wheel while helping them commit to leaning right over.

What pleased me most was Brendon’s willingness to push his boundaries further than I have ever seen him do. The mishap you see on my Facebook page was the crown on top, proving his commitment. He found his new limits and went on to prove that he could ride that speed consistently.

Derek discovered a new level of movement during our time in the sawdust. The ability to get his bum over the rear guard or his chin over the handlebars without ever straightening his arms was then put to good work by helping him stay somewhere in between those two extremes until he really needed them. Rather than getting his weight back before hitting the tricky bits, he found a new level of control in the neutral position with arms bent and knees gripping.

IMG_7931Our freebie also soaked all of these skills in like a sponge, so he was well ready by the time we took these skills onto other parts of the track and finished with dead straight starts.

I am confident he will have good things to say, along with more speed to show to those who know him when he races at the second round of North Island Champs. Hopefully they ask him what the difference was!



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