14 February 2012 / Broxy Racing

First Round Jitters

As much as I tried to play it down, the moment for action arrived last weekend at the massive Backflips Track facility near Pleasant Point- round one of the Senior NZ MX Championships and there was enough nervous excitement bouncing around to light up the nearby city of Timaru. Not wanting to miss out was the top team of Danny and son Nathan from Botany Honda having made their way down for the weekend, adding to their awesome support while getting to join in on the action as well.

My Bel-Ray/ Botany Honda CRF250R was good to go, Renthal Handlebars and Pirelli Tyres capping off one impressive race machine. After a tight qualifying session that put me in 8th position I got off to a good start in race one. There was plenty of craziness to go around in those first few laps so I was pleased to soon be within seconds of the leader Daryll King. Trying too hard to get past ‘comeback kid’ Daryl Hurley was fun but unfortunately was too much for my system to handle and saw me eventually pump up and drop to a solid fifth position for the finish.

Things got tight in the first turn of race two- too tight for one rider who went down right in front of me and all of a sudden I was in dead last with a few broken spokes. All was good as I charged through the pack until one of the spokes came loose and started making a disconcerting noise until finally breaking free a few laps later. Once that had cleared itself I could charge once again but was too late to make up any further positions and finished in thirteenth position.

My full factory level mechanic and helper in the form of Oamaru Honda’s Blair Selfe and his son Tas were a huge help the whole day long, keeping me and the bike going with the lowest level of stress possible. That is where this Bel-Ray Honda Team really excels with a great bunch of guys to mingle with and of course top level machinery.

Back to the racing, starts are certainly where it is at. My speed was up to standard but even a top ten start was only enough to get me through to 6th position in the final race of the day which gave me 8th overall, not the position I had been hoping for but certainly a solid start considering there are three rounds to go, the next being Patetonga Feb 26th so if you are anywhere near it, make sure you pop it on your calendar as we would love to have you there!

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