2 April 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Flying Around the Mountain

TM'ing Up

TM’ing Up

A crazy lightning storm had just killed 30 cows in the farms around Zac Hetherington. After the last weeks mix up, where I was only able to squeeze one shortened session into a big trip to New Plymouth, the news of fried beef was not exactly what I was wanting to hear, for once. Fortunately it turned out the tracks were dry this time around but there was more than enough excitement still to come.

Second Time Lucky

Second Time Lucky

Seeing my rider get ejected off the final roller was not how we wanted to finish the day. In fact it is the kind of thing I would happily never see again. The day had gone well with a smooth drive and two excellent coaching sessions, but after showing full control through the rollers and attempting something a little different there was no forgiveness the next time around. He flew twice the height of his bike and came down hard on his back- the only good thing being that he is a tough beggar as it could have broken many others into pieces.

Scating Through

Scating Through

Then the Saturday was huge. Beginning with three keen riders having the second half of their session in New Plymouth, I was then on my way to Wanganui for two more sessions. Another pair of newbies to our coaching was followed by one lad we have coached for many years, joined by a young protégé that the track keeper has been helping.

Once again there was plenty of excitement mixed with the hard work, enough to keep me going for the long drive home that evening. Turns out I’m not getting too old for all this running around. Yet!DSC_0057

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