3 February 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Flying W’s

Having a large group of expectant kids waiting for their session is always enough to keep a coach on his toes, then add the excited parents and a small film crew– Broxy definitely had to be on form at Whangamata!

Playing in Paradise

It was the first Honda Campout for this beautiful area nestled on the coasts of the Coromandel Penninsula. Easy to find, hard to beat- the only problem being Broxy couldn’t stay to enjoy the views himself being booked for a flight down south that afternoon.

The coaching was great with plenty of newbies and regular BRC riders mixed in to ride the small track Broxy pegged out that included everything but roots and trees to climb. The parents even got to watch their little ones get a bit of air!

p1060221  Two weekends later the sounds of motorbiking hit Waikaia for Campout number two, a small town around 100km south of Cromwell as the crow flies/ adventure biker rides. The coaching sessions went ballistic with last minute entries making for groups bursting at the seams and plenty of riders keen to learn and improve.

“Can you tell me one thing you learnt?”

The sessions are only an hour long but in that time we saw junior riders improve their corner speed, senior riders master ditches and 50cc kids come away with as much as seven new skills according to young Harry Baldock! The perfect weather made life much easier than last year, a great time all around.

Well done again to Rob and Robyn, with a huge thanks to Andrew Allan and the boys for their unbeatable hospitality and all important food. Southern Greatness!

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